It All Began At The Nimitz Hotel, Fredericksburg, Texas

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From the Nimitz Museum Files...  Fred Goerner Interviews Joseph Gurr

This source document was found in the Fred Goerner files at the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas, recently renamed the National Museum of the Pacific War. It was shocking when it was found because it revealed the ineptitude of Amelia Earhart's radio adviser Joseph Gurr. It was Gurr who planted the seeds of thought in Amelia's flight planning that she did not need a trailing antenna and that she could take directional bearings with a loop antenna on high frequency. It was these two incidents alone that Carol Dow believes was a near death sentence. Finding Howland Island was the most dangerous part of Amelia's flight around the world. Now, for the first time, this exceptionally valuable document is made available for public viewing. According to Carol, "It  needs to be seen. That an incompetent repair man can sabotage a flight around the world is hard to believe, but here in this document is the proof of what happened." The personal blue ink notations on the edges of the individual documents were made by Carol Dow. The interview took place at Gurr's home, Los Altos, Calif. and was originally recorded on audio tape. It was transcribed from the audio tape by Forest Rees in 1996 at Fredericksburg, Texas.


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